10 Things to Do at the Show

10 Things to Do at the Autumn Fair

The wait is almost over! With just two weeks left until the Autumn Fair, we’ve been busy as beavers (get it?!) perfecting those finishing touches, and ensuring our stand is all sorted for the hustle and bustle of the show. We can’t wait to meet you all and finally put a face to some names – just in case you’d forgotten, we’re in Hall 4 Stand 4D11!

Whether it’s your first time at the show, or you’re a seasoned Autumn Fair-goer, the team here at Giggle Beaver have racked their brains for their favourite ‘essential’ things that everyone should do at the show. From helpful hints that’ll make your day run that bit smoother, to exciting experiences that you simply shouldn’t miss, we’re confident you’ll love our top 10 tips.


  1. 1. Say hello to existing suppliers.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll contact most of your suppliers via email, or very occasionally on the phone. So why not pop over to their stands, and finally put a face to a name. Not only will it satisfy that burning curiosity (just what do they look like?!), it also helps build a good rapport, which will solidify your working relationship and help both supplier and client when going forward with future projects.


  1. 2. Look for reoccurring themes throughout the show.

Keep an eye out for any colours, patterns, fonts, materials and icons that keep popping up throughout different exhibitor stands. The Spring and Autumn Fairs are the perfect opportunity to predict which trends will be in fashion in the upcoming season, and can help you decide which products might be big hits for your company over the next year.


  1. 3. Check out a seminar or workshop.

Have a browse of the event timetable prior to visiting the show, and try and pick at least one seminar or workshop to visit. It’s a great chance to pick up some useful information and advice that could benefit your business, as well as meeting industry experts and learning some trade secrets.


  1. 4. Take business cards, not catalogues.

As you visit the various exhibitor stands, it can be really tempting to pick up every catalogue, leaflet and magazine they have on offer. But unless you fancy lugging your body weight about in reading material by the end of the day, we find it’s far wiser to simply take a business card if you’re interested in what an exhibitor has to offer. Almost all suppliers have their product lines listed clearly on their websites, that you can check out with ease after the show ends and you’ve had time to reflect.


  1. 5. Think longer term than just pre-Christmas when looking for new products.

When it comes to the Autumn Fair, it’s really easy to get fixated on finding cool products that you think will sell well at Christmas. And while it is important to use the Fair to check out festive products and potential Christmas gift lines, try not to neglect products that may fare better post-Xmas. After all, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day often whizz round once you get into the new year, and it’ll be summer 2018 before you know it!


  1. 6. Seek out new exhibitors at the show.

While it’s always nice to pop by the stands of your existing suppliers, one of the key benefits of attending the Autumn Fair is the opportunity to find new suppliers and exhibitors that you want to work with. We recommend doing this by browsing through the Little Black Book prior to your visit, and checking out the new product showcase at the start of your day – you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for which stands you want to visit!


  1. 7. Keep an eye out for freebies.

Okay, so we know this sounds a bit grabby, but freebies are one of the perks of attending the show! It’s always worth stocking up on pens, tote bags, USB sticks and post its for the office, and who knows? You could be in the office a few months later, mulling over new products to add to your range, and a new, interesting supplier that perfectly fits the bill could be right in front of you on your pen. It’s happened before!


  1. 8. Pay a visit to one of the delicious food stalls.

As lunch time rolls round and your stomach starts rumbling, you’ll be spoilt for choice at which of the delicious food stalls to visit! Featuring exotic cuisines from all over the world, you can get just about anything you can think of, so don’t bother bringing a packed lunch! Personally, we recommend the amazing pasties located just outside Hall 4, perfect for a quick stop-off after visiting the Giggle Beaver stand!

  1. 9. Make a date in your diary to attend the Spring Fair.

True, this one applies more after the show than during the actual day, but we’ve included it on this list as it’s just so important! We recommend making a note of the dates of the Spring Fair as soon as the Autumn Fair finishes, so you can make sure you’re free and prioritise attending again.


  1. 10. Visit the Giggle Beaver stand!

This really goes without saying, but checking out the Giggle Beaver stand is well worth incorporating into your day. We plan to unveil several new product lines, such as our innovative colour-changing light box, funky hand and bath towels, as well as old favourites such as our ’10 Things’ light box, beach towels and carnival lights. You’d be a fool to miss out!


If you plan on following our advice and found this list helpful, why not tell us? Did we mention we’re in Hall 4 Stand 4D11? Come and catch up over coffee and cake, we’d love to meet you!