Beach Towels

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About this Product

Our fun and colourful beach towels are going to be the perfect way for holidaymakers to mark out their spot on the sand this summer. Looking set to be the hottest (and coolest) thing to hit the beach, the towels come in seven imaginative designs. Choose from Bacon, Egg, Hot dog, Beer, Ice cream, Cactus and Rainbow designs.

Product Specs

  • Made from lightweight microfiber polyester
  • Can be folded up small for easy transport
  • Each one is 180 cm long. Width varies according to design
  • Great for a beach holiday

Product Range

  • Hot Dog Beach Towel - gig559
  • Bacon Beach Towel - gig560
  • Egg Beach Towel - gig561
  • Ice Cream Beach Towel - gig562
  • Beer Beach Towel - gig563
  • Rainbow Beach Towel - gig565
  • Cactus Beach Towel - gig566

Product Description

Each one is approximately 180 cm long and the width varies depending on the design, leaving plenty of space for sun worshipers to spread out, relax and keep the sand off their sandwiches. Children and adults love the humorously designed food items and the ever-popular rainbow and cactus designs (with the beer bottle being ideal for a more grownup holiday) and due to the eyecatching and quirky shapes these appeal to both genders.

Due to the large size you’d think these would be cumbersome to carry around but we’ve cleverly made them out of microfiber polyester, which is incredibly lightweight and can also be folded up in a compact corner of the suitcase for easy transport.