Celestial Buddies

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About this Product

What better way for kids to learn than with the power of fun! Celestial Buddies are a collection of plush toy planets, stars and a comet.

Product Range

  • Comet - Code: gig152
  • Earth - Code: gig004
  • Jupiter - Code: gig008
  • Mercury - Code: gig006
  • Moon - gig003
  • Saturn - Code: gig007
  • Sun - Code: gig002
  • Venus - Code: gig151
  • Neptune - Code: gig271
  • Pluto & Charon - Code: gig467
  • Uranus - Code: gig267

Product Description

Each one has their name embroidered on its foot and comes with a tag filled with fun facts about their important place in our solar system. Ranging from an outrageously fuzzy sun, to a super cool Mohican-clad comet, they make a wonderful store display and science toy for children.