Circles Age Light Box

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About this Product

A fantastic milestone birthday present. The Circles Age Light Box is an innovative gift, guaranteed to make recipients smile.

Individual circles can be personalised with the recipient’s likes, making it a wonderfully unique gift.

The Light Box is available in 8 fun colourways. (Green, Yellow, Red, Gold, Purple, Peach, Grey and Blue)

What Do You Get?

  • 1 x Light Box
  • 1 x Acetate Poster with your design and personalisation detail
  • 1 x USB Cable

Product Specs

  • A4 size and approx. 7cms deep
  • On/Off Switch
  • USB cable approx. 2 metres long
  • Light box can be wall mounted or freestanding

Product Description

Circles Age 16th Light Box – gig737

Circles Age 18th Light Box – gig738

Circles Age 21st Light Box –   gig739

Circles Age 30th Light Box – gig740

Circles Age 40th Light Box – gig741

Circles Age 50th Light Box – gig742

Circles Age 60th Light Box – gig743

Circles Age 70th Light Box – gig744

Circles Age 80th Light Box – gig745

Circles Age 90th Light Box – gig746