Novelty Breath Sprays

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About this Product

Instant French Accent Breath Spray! A cure for Grumpiness Breath Spray! Zombie Repellent Breath Spray!

Product Specs

  • Sugar free and not tested on animals
  • Flavour: Peppermint
  • Unit Size: 25ml
  • Made in the UK
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 2 x 2cm
  • Pack Quantity: 12

Product Range

  • Anti-Sarcasm Spray - SKU: gig111
  • Cure for Grumpiness Spray - SKU: gig107
  • Anti-Nagging Spray - SKU: gig100
  • Zombie Repellent Spray - SKU: gig102
  • Anti-Moaning Spray - SKU: gig581
  • Cure for Hangover Spray - SKU: gig580
  • Cure for Persistent Bullshitting Spray - SKU: gig469
  • Miracle Irish Charm Spray - SKU: gig398
  • Miracle Snoring Cure Spray - SKU: gig:582

Product Description

Giggle Beavers range of hilarious novelty breath sprays have been a hot selling item from the moment they were launched. The spray is a fully functioning peppermint breath spray that is housed in a compact 25ml pump unit.

Our in house design team specialise in creating bespoke versions of this item, which ensure our customers are the first to market with a completely original product.

Do you have some good ideas for a unique spray? Contact us and we will happily freshen up your range with some unique product lines!