Toilet Football

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About this Product

Calling all armchair footy fans, there’s a new way you can get your football fix! Get involved with the nations favourite sport whilst ensconced on your throne with this terrific Toilet Football Game. Giving you the opportunity to practice your penalties while you pee, using the facilities has never been more fun.

Product Specs

  • Pack Quantity: 12
  • Code: gig183
  • Barcode: 5055822203714

Product Description

Many of us harbour the sneaking suspicion that we could be an epic footballer if you had just had the chance. Maybe you fancy yourself as a top striker? Perhaps you think could do better than England when faced with a penalty shoot-out? Now you can prove your suspicions to yourself with the Toilet Football Game. Live your dreams while you relieve yourself.

Who needs mates to play footy? Or, more to the point, who can be bothered to drag themselves down to the local park when you could play the beautiful game from the comfort of your own lavatory? Be your footballing heroes with this fun game and never get bored on the toilet again.